Research Focus

The main focus of our research is the identification and in-depth characterization of novel post-transcriptional regulatory elements in the biological context of stress-induced mRNA regulation in human cells. In addition to studying the biological relevance, we would like to understand the molecular details of the underlying regulatory mechanism: a) How do several regulatory elements work together? b) How are the involved effectors regulated in response to stress signals? c) What role do RNA structures play? d) Can we use these new regulatory elements as effectors in Synthetic Biology applications?

Open Postdoc position on viral RNA structures

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Check out our work on SARS-CoV-2:

mRNA structures

The three-dimensional structure of an mRNA determines its cellular localization, stability and translation efficiency. We are working on the identification and characterization of mRNA structures that determine post-transcriptional gene regulation.

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mRNA stability

HnRNP DL is a paralog of the well studied hnRNP D/AUF1, which is well known for its function in mRNA decay. We are interested in the cellular functions and mRNA targets of hnRNP DL and its interconnection with hnRNP D.

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Hypoxia adaptation

Gene expression is regulated at all levels in response to hypoxia, ensuring cell survival at low oxygen conditions. We are particularly interested in how alternative splicing changes affect cellular adaptation.

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Synthetic Biology

One goal of Synthetic Biology is the development of artificial genetic circuits. For this purpose, we create RNA devices by functionalization of endogenous RNAs with ligand-binding aptamers.

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